Saturday, August 31, 2002

Benazir Not Eligible For Election In Pakistan

Pakistani election authorities yesterday rejected the nomination papers of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto for Oct. 10 elections, triggering outrage from her party and other opposition groups. Election commission official Akhlaq Hussain Ladak declared her ineligible after scrutinizing her nomination for one of two seats she plans to contest in her home town of Larkana in southern Sindh province.

"She has been convicted by the anti-graft court (of absconding), therefore she is not qualified to contest the elections," Ladak told a courtroom at Ratto Dero near Larkana in Sindh province, about 1,200 kilometers southwest of Islamabad.

Perhaps she should move to France.

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EU Urges UN Solution To Iraq Crisis

Aren't we in our 11th year of the UN solution? The UN solution so far has been to keep asking nicely to be allowed to send in weapons inspectors. Iraq has declined. Hussein and company have done more than anything in a 50-year history to completely immasculate the UN so why do EU bureaucrats insist they can somehow resolve this thing now?

The European example is a bad one. The 20th Century was not good to them ... but I can't think of a century that was good for them in recorded history. Another European bureaucrat standing in Brussels giving a modern day 'peace for our time' speech is the last thing western democracies need. Hussein is clearly intent on protecting his future actions by stalling for time today while he builds a devastating offensive capability.

The EU cites support from the ICC for this position. Didn't they say all along that the ICC would not be a political body?
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Four Palestinians Die In Air Strike

Hamas may want to reconsider its position on the destruction of Israel.

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John Lindh's Change of Heart

It's no surprise that he is confused and upset by the treatment he has gotten. His Marin County upbringing, including letting their teenage son run off to a foreign country to become a Muslim, never could have informed him that what he might be doing is plain wrong. There is no right or wrong in Marin County ... it's all moral relativism.

Now he has apologized -- through his attorney -- and I actually believe him. In the theoretical world there are no consequences so he never had to consider them. Suddenly he is a young man in a very bad place ... suspected of treason ... and I believe he is remorseful. Unfortunately he has to learn a lesson no one learns unless they are faced with real consequences.

Did he know he was shooting at Americans? Of course he did. He joined the Taliban, he knew what he was getting into. He knew who they were. The knowledge that American planes had been hijacked was no secret. The fact that Americans had gone into Afghanistan was certainly no secret. For that he must pay. Do I think he is blaming himself? No. Do I think he regrets his actions? Yes. I bet he now wishes he had real parents rather than a Marin County father who once ran off with a man and a mother who encouraged him to sneer at the West. Young people look for guidance. Sensible young people with a need for discipline join the US Army ... Marin County teens look for shock value and run to Islam.

Is it the only example? No, I am certain there are plenty more Western Taliban that have not been identified. Should Lindh be an example for them? Yes he should.

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Friday, August 30, 2002

Palestinian Security Chief Abdel Razak Yehiyeh Says 'Stop The Suicide Bombings'

He said this in the Yediot Ahronot daily. Unfortunately Arafat used to talk about peace in English as well ... but what he said in Arabic was completely different. Having inspired and incited generations of fanatics, the PA remains surprised that they now cannot control the radical elements in their society.

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Monday, August 26, 2002

Poll - Palestinians Want To Keep On Bombing

Because they have no choice. Because those mean old Israelis keep them from having their own country. Anything except hatred, racism or intolerance ...

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Saudi Institute Says Arabia Distributes Anti-Semitic Material

Every time I write that term I get an email from some lefty stating that the Arabs are Semites too ... so they can't be 'anti'- Semitic. Whatever.

The Saudi Institute said it will hold a press conference this week to display books distributed by Saudi diplomats in Washington that encourages religious hatred and violence against Jews, Christians, Ashaari and Shia Muslims.

The conference will also detail the name of these diplomats and dates of the accusations of the books that bear the names of Saudi government agencies in Washington that distributed them. The Institute said the books were obtained recently from the Saudi embassy?s office of Islamic Affairs, the World Assembly of Muslim Youth in Falls Church, and the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America, all are government agencies staffed by diplomats.

WAMY which was named in the lawsuit filed by 9/11 victims who blamed it of supporting Al-Qaeda. A spokesman of the organization in Riyadh told AP the suit is ?an American Zionist attempt to blackmail Saudi Arabia?

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US Deports Suspected Terrorist

Is anyone ever surprised these days that most terrorists are involved with 'universities?'

The United States has deported a Palestinian accused of being an agent of Islamic Jihad. Mazin Al Najar, detained by U.S. authorities since 1997, was expelled to Lebanon over the weekend. Al Najar was to have resettled in Bahrain, but the Gulf Arab country denied him entry at the last minute. Diplomatic sources said the United States contacted several Arab countries to grant Al Najar entry. The sources said that six Arab states turned Washington down. Al Najar, a 45-year-old Palestinian university lecturer, was said to have been one of several Jihad agents in Florida. He has denied any wrongdoing.

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Iraqi VP Threatens EVERYONE

Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan said in the Iraqi Ittihad that the Arab people "have a role in confronting the aggressors when there is aggression."

"The American, Zionist and British governments have material and human interests everywhere in the word, and they will be considered as hostile arenas" if there is an attack against his country, he added.

Regarding the ongoing joint Jordanian-U.S. military exercises in southern Jordan, the Iraqi official said "any cooperation with the American Zionist administration aimed against Iraq can only be described as treason."

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Baker Says Get Allies For Iraq

Who wouldn't say this? But people are making it sound like he is breaking rank ... and he is not. '91 was a successful coalition even if no one was happy about the outcome. Baker was a key component in that. Yet I think it's bad form for previous administration officials to comment ... it would not surprise me if the defensive Clinton administration did it but I think Baker should know better. He should have known this would be spun into his being 'against' Iraq action.

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Was Abu Nidal Killed Because He WOULDN'T Be A Terrorist?

The Telegraph in Britain must think so. Iraq was trying to spin it that they went to arrest him and he 'committed suicide' ... even though there were multiple bullet wounds.

Well, Iraq wanted us to know they killed him. Obviously we would not know about 'multiple' bullets unless Saddam wanted us to know ... so they said it was a suicide and were winking the whole time. The message? 'We are not your enemy.'

Again a British newspaper ... you never know where they get their information.

Now we're supposed to believe that lifelong terrorist Nidal was the good guy here ... and that ain't easy.
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PA Orders Government Workers To Rally For Saddam

We are funding this. The EU is funding this. Well, I can understand the EU funding it ... like the Arabs in my previous rant Europeans have no problem bribing someone to leave them alone even while knowing they are killing Israelis with that money ... I cannot understand Americans who think supporting the PA while Arafat orders them to rally for a known enemy of ours makes sense.

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London Times Says Arabians Paid Bin Laden Not To Attack Them

British newspapers are easily duped so there's no way to know if this story is planted or if it's real. If it's a plant it shows that the millions the Arabians are spending to improve their image is paying off. If it's true, it shows that the Arabians are even more lacking in moral character than we thought before. Like the Palestinian girls warned by the suicide bomber to leave the bus -- and didn't tell anyone -- they don't see a problem with paying a terrorist to leave them alone, knowing that the terrorists will use that money to attack someone else. $300 million funds a lot of flight training.

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Arab Fashion Designer Under Fire

Fida Naamneh, 23, is in danger of receiving Salman Rushdie-type death threats. Why? A 'racy' dress with Allah's name on it. Naamneh is not from an Arab country, of course ... she lives in Israel.

But she says it was her love for Islam and a desire to promote Arab culture which inspired her creation.

"I am proud of being Arab and Muslim and I don't understand why in my society some people think I did something wrong," she said.

Naamneh seems surprised that she could both love Islam and be ostracized by fellow Muslims. Perhaps she never understood fundamentalist oppression until she actually tried to express herself.

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Israeli Troops Arrest Hamas Leader

Palestinian militants pose an existential, "cancer-like" threat to Israel, and must be defeated at all costs to restore the deterrence Israel lost when it withdrew from south Lebanon in 2000, Israel's new army chief said.

Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon's comments to a rabbinical assembly late Sunday stirred angry criticism by left-wing politicians who said he overstepped his bounds as a military officer.

In the West Bank on Monday, Israeli troops backed by tanks and helicopters raided the Jenin refugee camp and arrested Jamal Abul Haji, 44, a regional leader of the Islamic militant Hamas group, the army said. Under cover of heavy machine gunfire, troops stormed Abul Haji's hide-out in a three-story building, Hamas activists said.

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Thursday, August 22, 2002

Muslim Rebels Kill Two Christians In Phillipines

By beheading of course. The heads of the two male hostages were found in an open air market in Jolo town along with notes calling for a holy war, said Brig. Gen. Romeo Tolentino, commander of the army on the southern island of Jolo.

People keep telling me Islam is a religion of peace. When are they going to tell these guys? Don't give me that stuff about what it says in the Bible either. I am talking about actions here. Religions are composed of people, not books ... and the fact that Muslims are still allowing and justifying these actions says that they have stopped developing.

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NY City Council Resolves To Close Palestinian Mission to the UN

New Yorkers have felt the pain of foreign terrorism more than anyone in America. Why it took so long for them to realize the PA is part of the problem is beyond me. How the same city that overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton voted in a City Council that is willing to take this stand is even more beyond me.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Libya Buys $13 Billlion In Ballistic Technology From Iran

This was AFTER Gaddhafi got nominated to the head of the UN Human Rights Commission, of course.

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Saudis Withdraw Billions From US

Yeah, like you believe that. Two important things to keep in mind: the Saudis who have all of the money are evil and greedy so they don't actually care about anyone's politics. If they have sold stocks it's because stocks are down. We're talking about a region where all 22 countries have a GDP less than Spain by itself so the US economy will be okay without them.

Not having Saudi blood money is also better from a moral point of view.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Gadaffi To Head Human Rights Body

As if anyone didn't know the UN Commission on Human Rights is a wacky organization ... letting an admitted terrorist run the thing just provides more proof.

That is the funniest thing I have read in weeks ... and it's sad that it's so funny.

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Abu Nidal Shot In Pakistan

No one knows if he was assassinated by friends, enemies or if he was a suicide. Well, he died from multiple gunshot wounds so we can assume it wasn't a suicide.

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Friday, August 16, 2002

Muslims In UK Protest 'Friendly' Football Match Against Israeli Team

Is it the term 'friendly' that is irritating them?
The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) is calling for a boycott of the game and has written to the Scottish Football Association to protest the game because it looked like an endorsement of Israeli policies.

No one was able to recall if there were protests over the participation of, say, China, in international matches.

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It's the Bloods versus the Crips ... who do you root for in this one?

Al Qaida insurgents and Fatah gunmen are battling for control of a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon. The two sides are using rocket-propelled grenades and assault weapons in the Ein Hilwe camp near the coastal city of Sidon. It is the first time that Al Qaida insurgents are battling Palestinians commanded by Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat. At least two people were killed and 12 injured in battles on Tuesday, termed the bloodiest clash since 1992.

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Arafat's PA Has 1.3 Billion

So much for the west causing Palestinian poverty. That could buy a lot of humanitarian aid.

How does he get it? The same place all dictators get it ... sympathetic EU countries and control of monopolies in imports and energy.

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US To Limit Visas From Mid-East Countries, Except Saudi Arabia

You know, where 15 of the 19 building-bombing terrorists came from. Officials said the greatest restrictions will be imposed on those who seek to enter the United States from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Syria -- places where it's already very difficult to get a visa.

Good job, INS.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

New candidate announces candidacy against Arafat

A lecturer and researcher from Jenin, Husam Nazel, announced late Wednesday night that he will run against Yasser Arafat for the head of the leadership of the Palestinian Authority, according to Israel Radio.

If elected, Nazel says he will cancel the Palestinian Authority and create a new Palestinian parliament in its place. He would be the head of the new government.

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Marwan Barghouti: "The intifada will win"

Marwan Barghouti was a picture of defiance at his trial in a Tel Aviv court yesterday. "The intifada will win," the bearded West Bank Fatah leader shouted in Hebrew at reporters outside the Tel Aviv District Court where he was charged with killings of scores of Israelis in a political move that analysts said would likely boomerang.

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Dr. Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Effendi On the Struggle Against Corruption in the Arab Regimes

"When you hear – and these days you frequently do – that a senior Arab official is standing trial on charges of corruption - it is reasonable to assume that this wretched official was not corrupt enough. This is because charges of corruption have no meaning unless they take place in an open and transparent regime, with known and fixed rules and regulations, clear foundations for accountability, and independent and neutral apparatuses to deal with it."

"In contrast, in the Arab [world], where there are absolute autocratic regimes, the concept of corruption loses all meaning, as the law is the ruler's will; he decides what is permitted and what is forbidden, and his bonuses and gifts are a legitimate livelihood."

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Iraqi germ plant active

U.S. intelligence agencies spotted activity at an Iraqi factory last week that is increasing fears that Saddam Hussein is advancing his germ-weapons program, The Washington Times has learned.

A convoy of about 60 trucks was photographed by a U.S. spy satellite at a known biological weapons facility near Taji last week, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

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Israel kills local Hamas leader

Israeli forces have killed a local leader of the Hamas militant group during what they say was an operation to arrest him in the West Bank village of Tubas.

Nasser Jarrar, 44, died when Israeli tanks bombarded a house in the village after a demand for his surrender set off a gun battle.

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Saturday, August 10, 2002

Egypt feud ends in carnage

Gunmen ambushed and killed 22 members of a rival family on Saturday in the Upper Egyptian province of Sohag, according to police officials.

The victims - members of the Hashashba family - were stopped on the road linking the small town of Gerga to the provincial capital Sohag, 400 kilometres (250 miles) south of Cairo.

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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Sharon tells AG to weigh proceedings against Gush Shalom

Which is a fine line between censorship and protection. Since the Israelis feel they are at war, having the IDF followed around and every action reported to the International Criminal Court in the Hague is a bad idea, especially when it is clear that the ICC itself is unlikely to be a balanced arbiter of justice.

Yet the Israelis do not want to become Egypt or Iran, imprisoning people because they say things the military or the government do not like.

A moderate solution is to deny the group access to military areas ... which is both legal and balanced.

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Palestine Monitor Calls On Associated Press To Be More Objective

Which is actually kind of funny. It's like Richard Gere telling other actors to stop being irrelevant.

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Israeli Arabs Warned Of Bus Attack By Suicide Bomber

Like any intelligent person they got off the bus. Unlike any moral person, they did not tell anyone else ...

Ilan Haroush, commander of Galilee area police, told Army Radio that "one of them sat beside the terrorist."

"He told her something terrible is going to happen in this bus, get off at the next stop. She got up, went to her friend and told her we are getting off now."

Haroush told the radio that if police had been warned 20 minutes ahead it might have been possible to prevent the blast or reduce its impact, especially since four of those killed had been at a bus stop waiting to board when the bus blew up.

"The women are now cooperating with the police. We call it failure to prevent a crime. They had no explanation for not doing anything," he said.

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Iraq Says Swedish UN Arms Inspector Blix Is a Spy

They invited him back to inspect a few days ago, now they say he caved in to "U.S. pressure and blackmail."

They had levelled the same claim against his predecessor, Australian Richard Butler.

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Plan To Revoke Citizenship Of Arab Israelis Involved In Terrorism

Human rights groups call this racist. Perhaps it is only that there are a lot fewer Jewish Israelis plotting to blow up Israeli citizens. If 90% of cats like milk it is not racist to look at cats if the milk keeps disappearing.

"Such people cannot have citizenship of the state of Israel and enjoy all its conditions... and at the same time pose a threat to its existence," said Interior Minister Eli Yishai.

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Mid-East Truce Edges Closer

As more and more terrorist leaders die, the remaining Palestinians are reacting more favorable to a truce. There is at least some chance Arafat may begin to use his vast intelligence network to prevent terrorist attacks rather than just paying lip service and blaming Israelis.

The Israeli proposal, made by Defence Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, would see Israel pulling its forces back from the Gaza Strip in return for the Palestinian Authority stopping attacks by militant groups.

If security could be guaranteed, Israel says further withdrawals could begin on the West Bank in places such as Hebron and Bethlehem.

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No Arabian Help For Attack On Iraq, Says Saud

Foreign Minister Prince Saud said Wednesday, "For the government of Iraq, the leadership of Iraq, any change that happens there has to come from the Iraqi people. This is our attitude."

It should be. Demanding that repressed people who are monitored, persecuted and subjugated be able to throw off theat yoke also leaves Arabia safe from change.

Note that this is a different feeling than 1991, when they felt they were at risk from Iraq. Also note that they have funded so many terrorists that even they don't know where they are ... so they could be in Arabia. Letting the US launch an attack against one of the many dictatorships in the area could cause a terrorist uprising in the kingdom.

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Monday, August 05, 2002

6 Killed In Attack On Christian School In Pakistan

At least six people were killed and three were wounded Monday in an armed attack targeting a Christian school near Murree, a hill resort town northeast of Islamabad, a police official said.

Those killed included four Muslims and a Christian. No student was either killed or hurt in the attack on the school, 4 miles outside Murree in Ghayal village.

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Sunday, August 04, 2002

Suicide Bomb Kills Nine on Israeli Commuter Bus

A Palestinian suicide bomber turned a packed bus in northern Israel into a fireball on Sunday, killing at least nine people and wounding dozens.

Hours later, a Palestinian teen-ager opened fire on an Israeli truck in a market in East Jerusalem. Three people, including the gunman, were killed in the attack and the ensuing shootout with police.

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Friday, August 02, 2002

Arafat Undermines New PA Security Minister

Why appoint a minister and then bypass his authority to make all of the appointments yourself? Well, he clearly wants his people for a reason ... and if the new police commanders you appoint don't work out, you can fire newly-appointed interior minister, Abdul Razik Yehya. Yehya is not too pleased about having all of the responsibility for failure and no way to insure success.

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Palestinian Council Member -- The PA Is Corrupt

Since the vast majority of the PA are Hamas members, it's easy to find government members willing to say things are great. Mu'awiya Al-Masri, a Palestinian Legislative Council member from Nablus, is taking his life in his hands by talking about PA corruption.

In 1999, Al-Masri was one of 20 Palestinian Authority officials who signed the "Communique of 20" against corruption in the PA -- an act which nearly cost him his life. Al-Masri was shot in the leg by three masked men, one of whom was a Palestinian policeman, for signing the document.

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France Issues Summons For Editor In Chief Of Egyptian Daily -- Accused of Inciting Racial Hatred

I'm always unclear how one nation can bring to trial a citizen of another nation who hasn't committed a crime against France or on French soil.

Ibrahim Nafi,editor-in-chief of Egypt's leading daily, Al-Ahram, stands accused of promoting anti-Jewish views and has been called to appear before a Paris court on 9 August.

Now, this is France ... the same people who issued a summons for Yahoo! because their internet material is available in France.

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Palestinians reject UN's Jenin findings

Palestinian officials have rejected a United Nations report on Israel's assault on a West Bank refugee camp, after it said it found no evidence that Israeli troops had committed a massacre there.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said mass killings of civilians had "clearly happened" when Israel attacked the Jenin camp in April, calling Israel's actions a "war crime".

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Thursday, August 01, 2002

UN says no massacre in Jenin

In a report released on Thursday the UN said the overall number of Palestinians killed was 52 - around half of whom may have been civilians. It said 23 Israeli soldiers were killed.

It says Palestinian militants sought by the Israeli military were placed in heavily populated areas, putting civilians at risk.

"Palestinian groups are alleged to have widely booby-trapped civilian homes, acts targeted at IDF personnel but also putting civilians in danger," the report adds.

How many civilians
must be killed to speak of a massacre?

negotiator Saeb Erakat
"IDF is reported to have used bulldozers, tank shelling and rocket firing, at times from helicopters, in populated areas."

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5 of 7 in Hebrew U. Blast Are Americans

Arafat should be using his intelligence network to root out these terrorists if he truly wants them to stop. He knows these people better than anyone and insists he is the leader for an independent Palestine.

It's time to prove it.

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Former Iraqi Says Hussein Will Have Three Atomic Bombs By 2005

Khidir Hamza, who played a leading role in Iraq's nuclear weapon programme before defecting in 1994, cited German intelligence in saying: "With more than 10 tonnes of uranium and one tonne of slightly enriched its possession, Iraq has enough to generate the needed bomb-grade uranium for three nuclear weapons by 2005."

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Israeli Cable Companies May Remove CNN

The cable companies say they are unable to agree on rates and CNN competitors Fox, BBC and Sky News will fill the gap. A senior CNN official alleges the cable companies are exploiting the political situation.

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