Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Don't Want It Known You Have Sex With Animals? Go To Canada

Canadians can say almost anything about Americans - and I think they get some kind of tax rebate if they say insulting things about President Bush - but they'd better not make jokes about people in the mid-east.

The chairman of the publicly funded Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Guy Fournier, found himself in deep doo-doo when he talked about bowel movements and Lebanese law. Forget the bowel movements. I wrote a whole book on mine so there's nothing new he has to say, but his take on Lebanese law is interesting.

According to Guy, Lebanese laws allow men to have sexual relations with female animals, but reserves the death penalty for those who did so with male animals. Sounds reasonable, right? Muslims have sex with animals all the time but homosexuality is a no-no.

Why are Canadians up in arms about that? Because it was wrong for a public figure to say something so silly? Because it will enrage the many radical Muslims allowed into that country in order to feed its over-burdened Socialist economy?

No, because it was discrimination. Male and female sheep aren't treated differently and for him to allege they are was a big mistake.


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