Friday, September 08, 2006

Saddam Didn't Really Like al-Qaida

Democrat Senators decide Saddam viewed al-Qaida as a threat. Which means he couldn't possibly have accepted help, planning or strategies from him. I know, I know, a big revelation that someone chose to believe a dictator's statements rather than the evidence.

In other news, Saddam also stated that everyone loved him ( after all, he did get over 99% of the vote ) and that he never killed anyone. Oh, and he gave every child a balloon and a pony for their birthdays.

It gets a little old after a while. I can't count how many people have said to me, "But Saddam is secular so he couldn't possibly have allowed terrorists to be based in Iraq." And yet he did.

It's politics as usual but completely understandable. Democrat politicians smell blood in the water and they would like to avoid being called out as in favor of high gas prices if it comes from taxes but against high gas prices if it means high cost of oil. Likewise they would prefer to insist there was no reason to be in Iraq at all or that Bush lied and that they really aren't soft on national defense.

This report adds nothing we didn't already know but they might be hoping this rather soft accounting takes away from the upcoming miniseries which shows former President Clinton being too distracted by a sex scandal to deal with Bin Laden well before 9/11.


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