Friday, August 25, 2006

Wait ... Hezbollah WON???

Why am I just getting this message? I thought when you were overwhelmed militarily and you're only saved by UN interference and Israeli leadership being a little confused about what they wanted to accomplish it didn't really count as a win ... but I left out my handy MID-EAST TO WEST translator.

The folks at Reason aren't misled so easily but you may not want to read that whole article so I will use my MID-EAST TO WEST translator and help you out.

Hezbollah, 2006 - a million refugees, 1,000 dead, Lebanon's economy bombed back to the stone age = VICTORY.

PLO, 1964-2004 - claims that Israelis poisoned chewing gum to make Arab women promiscious and used radioactive bullets while having a GDP worse than Cuba = VICTORY.

Iraq, 1991 - bounced from Kuwait in minutes, humiliated on the world stage but still in power = VICTORY

Lebanon, 1982 - terrorists bounced from West Beirut = VICTORY

Yom Kippur War, 1973 - Arabs almost take back some occupied land but call in the UN before they can be bounced back out = VICTORY

I guess we can keep going back to pretty much every engagement that the Arabs have been in since 1500 but I don't want to bore you. It's no secret that culture and language prevents westerners from fully understanding some concepts in Arab nations but I think just this once Arabs can bend a little and start using a different word. I just don't think 'victory' applies.


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