Tuesday, September 12, 2006

World's Dumbest Terrorists

Generally speaking, if you want to look like you are 'cooperating' in the war on terror, you have two basic options.

If you are Hezbollah, for example, you agree to a cease-fire with Israel and then immediately create a splinter group with a different name that continues to bomb Jews. This is not any surprise to people but it makes the U.N. feel like they accomplished something.

If you are a government it is a little trickier. Witness Syria, which has been running guns to anyone who will buy them. They are in a panic because Israelis actually insisted, and the UN agreed, that the pesky border with Syria should be patrolled as well - since that is how Hesbollah gets all of its rockets and bullets from Iran. That was unacceptable. To Syrians. Though they were fine with the border to Israel being closed. It's hard to run guns and bombs if you might have to shoot the French people on the UN Security Council who are protecting you from retaliation.

So it is no coincidence that a small band of terrorists that no one ever heard of before launched a ridiculous suicide attack against the US Embassy in Damascus ... the only other casualty besides the terrorists? We'll see, but I am betting it was a Syrian guard no one liked either.

The Syrian government has pledged full security cooperation. But I am betting in order to provide it they will need to have UN troops away from their borders.


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