Tuesday, April 30, 2002

More Palestinians Leave Church of the Nativity

Twenty-six Palestinian civilians and police emerged one by one Tuesday from the Church of the Nativity, the largest group to leave one of Christianity's holiest shrines since the monthlong standoff began between Israel's army and a group of armed militants inside.

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Bush: U.S. Rejects French Anti-Semitic Acts

Okay, Bush says what a lot of people are thinking ... and that article is below ... but first take a look at this Saturday Night Live slam on France ...

SNL Slam on France

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Is Jenin Being Prepped For the UN Visit?

Both sides claim so ... the PA said the Israelis were digging bodies out and moving them away ... the Israelis now say the PA is digging up bodies and moving them in.

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Israel Says EU Payments Linked To Palestinian Insurgency

100,000 Palestinian civil servants? They don't even have a country ... yet the EU paid $70 million to employ them ... the problem is that the PA only gives these 'civil servants' Israeli currency based on an exchange rate that amounts to 3.6 shekels to the dollar, even though the actual exchange rate is 5 shekels to the dollar.

PA officials acknowledged the discrepancy in exchange rates but said the practice is used to maintain a cap on public sector salaries ... still, no word on what the PA does with their 20 percent cut but it's likely that lack of disclosure is why Israel is releasing the documents.

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Monday, April 29, 2002

Muslim Nations Take A Moral Stand

They don't think Brussels-based lobbying groups that endorse sex with children should be a credentialed UN organization. The US stayed quiet in this fight after voting for reinstatement of the ILGA ( International Lesbian and Gay Association) in January. Richard Grenell, spokesman for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, said Friday he did not know whether the United States would continue to back the Europeans in support of the ILGA.

Using semantics, adovcates for reinstatement point out that no members of NAMBLA ( North American
Man/Boy Love Association) are on the ILGA ... but both groups lobby for repeal of age-of-consent laws preventing consensual sex between adults and minors.

Since some states have consensual sex allowed at age 15, it's hard to understand where their definition of 'child' stops and sexual maturity begins.

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UN Finally Gets A Clue

In a secret ballot by the 54 nations on the U.N. Economic and Social Council, the Human Rights commission's parent body, they found no way to deny the US a seat on the Human Rights Commission, solely because Italy and Spain dropped out at the last minute to insure the US would regain the seat lost last year in a shocker.

Shocking why? Because the members of the commission reads like a Who's Who of human rights violators, thus they certainly don't want the US and its pesky morality to prevent them from clearing Iran, China, Cuba or any of the other totalitarian regimes ... oops, they already did. They did manage to sneak in special mention of 'allegations' against Israel in their last action before the US enters with actual ideas on what 'human rights' is supposed to mean.

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Then Again ...

It's obviously not British or German tourists that are being stoned for adultery ... that might dampen hotel enthusiasm. Part of being 'moderate' is not having crowds killing your citizens.

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Dubai Hotel Business Up

Moderate Arab country sees increase last year even with 9/11 events ...

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Bush: Arafat Must 'Condemn and Thwart' Terrorist Activities Within 72 Hours

"Chairman Arafat should now seize this opportunity to act decisively in word and in deed against terror directed at Israeli citizens," he said.

Mr. Arafat "hasn't earned my respect," the president said. "He must earn my respect by leading."

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Sunday, April 28, 2002

Saudis Pay Suicide Bomber Families?

The Saudis say they don't do it ... the Israelis have a document. No word on whether the rest of the world thinks the Saudis are so stupid as to make a record of the payments ...

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Drunk Israeli Soldier Fires Weapons ... World Press Delighted It's Not A Palestinian Terrorist

Okay, he was shooting at a suspicious Palestinian ...

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Saudis Request All-Male Air Traffic Controllers For Texas Visit

Tell me again why we put up with these people? I'd rather pay the Russians for oil ...

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Easter Week For Orthodox ... Priest Leaves Church Of The Nativity And Returns After Mass

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Arafat To Be Set Free

The six Palestinians in question are to be held in a Palestinian jail guarded by British and US forces. Meanwhile, Hamas claimed responsibility for the recent bombing which killed a 5 year-old girl, among others.

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Saturday, April 27, 2002

Palestinian Leaders Proudly Talk Of Children Filling Their Schoolbags With Explosives

Shocking to read something like that listed with pride ... as if these kids are divinely inspired or they've made their own decisions. As if these kids being willing to do that is some sign that Allah believes in their cause. Hate-filled old men shouldn't send young people to be martyrs and then brag about it.

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Friday, April 26, 2002

MSNBC Foreign Correspondent Bob Arnot Meets Saudi Freedom Of The Press

No word from those who are torn between their love for anything un-American and un-Israeli who also claim to love our First Amendment.

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Young Israelis Talk of Throwing Out Socialist Kibbutzim Networks

I'm never a fan of socialist economics. It's not that the Kibbutz (communal settlement ) being discussed here isn't profitable, it's that young people have travelled more and want to keep what they earn. With barely 40 per cent of young people brought up on kibbutzim bothering to return after military service, it may be an idea whose time has come and gone.

It's odd that the only fans of socialism are people in capitalist countries who've never lived under it. Why we let professors teach is beyond me.

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The Egyptians Become More And More Likable

They completely ignore the facade of infinitada and killing Jews as some sort of holy mission and get right to the heart of it. Money. For $100 billion they will attack, Egyptian Prime Minister Atef Ebeid said.

In other words, if Arab countries -- the same Arab countries who prevented Palestine from becoming a nation under the 1948 Resolution and prevented their independence for 19 years after that -- want a war with Israel, they have to be willing to pay for it. A very pragmatic approach ... other Arab leaders are willing to lose Palestinian teenage girls for the cause, some of their own soldiers, and they certainly would be happy to send in Egyptians, but they won't spend money ... because government money is their money, being dictatorships and all ...

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Gen. Tommy Franks Says The US Needs 200K Soldiers For Iraq

It was 550,000 last time and was a rout. Other sources say it is more likely there will be fewer ground troops with more air support and indigenous troops. The special forces example seemed to work well in Afghanistan, they state, so it's worth trying again.

Yes, but are we sure we got the guy we wanted in Afghanistan?

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Tel Aviv Hotel Offers Flak Jackets

The fact that people see this as important should tell them the climate is not well suited for holiday travellers.

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Thursday, April 25, 2002

9 Palestinian Youths Leave Church

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The Carrot And The Stick In The Mid-East

Arab countries do respect displays of might. If Iraq thought inciting Arafat would be a distraction, he may be wrong. If anything the other Arab states are threatening more than ever, which sounds like panic.

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On Amnesty International and The Deal Arafat Turned Down

Fred Barnes writes about Dennis Ross, the Middle East negotiator for both the first Bush administration and President Clinton and what Ross thinks about Arafat's spin on the talks.

Podhoretz ( again ) talks about Amnesty International and their creative use of 'credible evidence of allegations' ...

Podhoretz Goes Off

But he makes some pretty valid refutations of the claims regarding the Geneva Convention that the PA, the EU and the UN are likely to make -- well, in the EU's case, without actually reading the Geneva Convention. Namely that the Palestinians are violating various articles by hiding among civilians and more ...

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Palestinian Authority Sentences Killers of Israeli Official

A Palestinian military court on Thursday sentenced four Palestinian militants to prison terms of up to 18 years for the assassination of Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavaam Zeevi, official Palestinian sources said. Israel has demanded Arafat hand over the four and Fouad Shubaki who arranged a 50-ton arms shipment from Iran to the Palestinian Authority and allegedly paid for suicide bombings.

Arafat formed the court three days ago and the panel of three military judges was headed by Brig. Rebhi Arafat.

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon has said they will be tried in Israeli courts.

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Jenin Redux: Powell Says No Massacre

If the Norwegian Larsen leads the UN investigation, surely evidence will be found ... but Powell is more neutral than most. If Palestinians are found to have exaggerated things, it will hurt their credibility. Most people have forgotten Arafat's 'radioactive bullets' claim so they're inclined to believe him unless it turns out he pads the casualties too much for comfort.

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Another Stephanopoulos In The News

This time his sister, a Russian Orthodox Nun at the Convent of St. Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem. She talks about soldiers shooting at people, stealing money and defecating on the floor of a west bank medical clinic.

The problem? Nearly all of Mother Maria's reporting comes from Palestinian sources. She has not herself witnessed the alleged Israeli atrocities.

Family friend John Reeves, pastor of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in State College, Pa., says Stephanopoulos' e-mails from the West Bank aren't always 100-percent accurate, but her "motives are pure."

Let's hope her brother has pure motives and only reports the facts.

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Saud Family Warns They May Not Be Eye-To-Eye With the US

Threats don't get any more obvious. Stop supporting Israel ( who are, as Sheik Abdul-Rahman al-Sudais said on Saudi TV and radio, "the scum of humanity, the rats of the world, prophet killers, pigs and monkeys") or the friendly, magnanimous and caring dictatorship will tell the rest of the muslim world to go on the offensive ... and dry up their oil.

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Peter Jennings To Walk The Walk?

We'll see ... being asked to take a pay cut ... well, like Arafat insisting he wants to be a martyr, news anchors have long insisted no news budget should ever be cut -- presumably this means especially their own. Yet I am sure he is in a politcally correct dilemma. Separate himself forever from the little guy journalist ( 'I am about money, not journalism' ) or walk away from millions? The world waits ...

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French FM: US Jews More 'Intransigent' Than Sharon

That's saying something. Perhaps he thinks that if, like France, we let 300 attacks against Jews happen per month here they will be more inclined to side with the Palestinians.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Nice Summary of the Mid-East Situation

Bill Bennett, Jack Kemp, and Jeane Kirkpatrick issued an open memorandum about Israel and the Middle
East today which is a nice primer for understanding what's going on.

20 Facts Primer

Pilot Suspected of Training 9/11 Terrorists Avoids Extradition From Britain

The US wanted to extradite Algerian-born Lotfi Raissi for falsifying an application for a US pilot's licence after failing to get him extradited on charges related to terrorism. The FBI suspects him of being "lead instructor" for four of the pilots responsible for the US terror attacks, including the man who took control of the jet which crashed into the Pentagon.

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Insight Says Iraq Was Involved In The Oklahoma City Bombing

In a roundabout sorta way ... not that it's likely right-wing militia people would team up with middle-eastern terrorists, but it shows you that any theory can get into "print" ...

... did we need another excuse to rock Baghdad?

Bonus!! Deathbed confession included!!

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Un Commission on Human Rights Says Iran and China Okay But Israel Is Not

The UN's leading human rights body yesterday voted to ignore alleged human rights abuses in Iran, following similar positions recently on China, Equatorial Guinea, Russia and Zimbabwe. It did find time to express shock at Israel's alleged atrocities.

It helps to have a large number of accused human rights violators among its 53 member states. Commission members with "disturbing human rights records" include: Algeria, Burundi, China, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Kenya, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Togo and Vietnam.

The USA is not a member after being ejected in a vote last year.

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Full Membership List Here

Jenin: Conspiracy Worries Or Something To Hide?

Israel postponed a UN fact-finding visit to Jenin citing worries about attempts to "cook up" evidence. The UN's impartiality has been questioned and UN Mideast envoy Terje Roed-Larsen did little to help by pre-emptively declaring the area "horrifying beyond belief." Larsen worked with Shimon Peres on the Oslo interim agreement but his relationship with with the IDF and the defense establishment has been strained since last year, when he denied the UN had a video of the kidnapping of soldiers from Har Dov - a video that later did emerge.

Israel cited concerns that three of the four members of the proposed UN committee are political officials rather than military officers able to make battlefield determinations.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Ariel Sharon As Golem?

Georgetown University professor of Palestinian origin, Halim Barakat, wrote, in most rational style, for the
London-based Arabic daily Al-Hayat, ""The rabbis breathed life into a clay statue; they huffed and they puffed until they created a giant round man named Ariel Sharon."

He goes on. Yet if anyone stops this guy at an airport they'll be accused of profiling. Why isn't he in Palestine fighting his beliefs? For that matter, why isn't he supporting the rights of anti-terrorist advocates among Palestinians to speak publicly?

Because they'll be shot in the legs, that's why ... safe in Georgetown, or in Israel, Barakat can say what he wants protected by democracy.

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Won't Stop Suicide Bombings ... Or Can't?

The head of Palestinian Preventive Security, Jibril Rajoub, said he can no longer help the IDF ferret out suicide bombers. Had he been doing all along what he says he can no longer do, especially the one at a Passover Seder on March 27 in which 28 people died, the bulldozers and tanks likely wouldn't have been there in the first place.

The proclomation sounds a little reactionary, since Israel has already said they have no intention of dealing with Arafat any more. The question is: Does this mean there is no confidence that Arafat can control these people anyway?

Meanwhile, three Palestinians were dragged from their car and shot in the arms and legs this afternoon in the city's main square -- by other Palestinians. Their crime? Masked gunmen yelled to the crowd that the victims were collaborators with Israeli occupation forces. A mob formed and blocked ambulances.

So how is Jibril Rajoub publicly stating he will no longer help ( meaning he's saying he has ) kept him from being shot in the legs by fellow Palestinians? That is, if he was truly 'collaborating?'

Most telling distinction about the moral issues involved in the shooting on the streets: A 20-year-old woman who walked quickly past the crowd disapproved. "What will the world think when they see this?" she asked. It will be a safer place when people stop worrying about what the world thinks and start worrying about what they think about themselves.

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Surprise - Arafat Is Getting Weapons From Iraq ... Again

No one seems to mention that the PA getting these weapons from Iraq, or anyone else, is a violation of the Oslo Agreement ... Arafat seems to insist that the convenient UN resolutions, like the one in 1967 telling Israel to leave and for a peace treaty ( well, the PA leaves out that part of the resolution ) be honored but the documents he signs get ignored.

To achieve peace, there must be a border. To get a border of their own, the PA has to stop violating its agreements.

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The US in Jenin

Why go if people are going to say we have an Israel bias anyway? Why stay home if people will say that shows our Israeli bias?

I watched a local program last night ( "Access Sacramento") that alleged the US was pro-Israel and that the mass media was the culprit and that they were always surprised to hear the media were liberal when they felt just the opposite.

Isn't it possible that the majority of Americans feel Israel is correct because it is the correct position? Or is every kind of opinion the fault of the media? Is the majority in the one nation where people have virtually unlimited access to information always going to be wrong?

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Bin Laden R.I.P. ( well, not in Peace)

The Washington Times again puts out a story quoting "A major tribal leader" saying he knows where Bin Laden is, within a mile, and that he is living in Pakistan.

Taking the word of people who changed sides of the conflict on a weekly basis is a little premature. There's no way the entire Pashawar region, with their fluctuating loyalties, have stayed loyal long enough to keep this kind of secret, especially with rampant distrust of each others' loyalties and the worry that 'someone else' will get the $25 million reward.

Bin Laden, we hardly knew ye ... I imagine we'll never find you under that mountain. I do hope I'm wrong so that Americans get a chance to shoot at you again.

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What If EU Countries Advised Arab Women Not To Wear The Hejjab?

You can imagine the tizzy that would create ... what kind of world would it be? But if Berlin police spokesman Lars Sunman recommends Jews hide their religious identity, it is "a blow to freedom of religion, but the police cannot protect every single Jew."

Talk about a microcosm of a larger issue. If Jews could protect themselves, I bet this wouldn't be a problem ... but in a Europe with a bias against Israel the militant Arabs living in those countries feel safe making Jews live in a climate of fear.

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Monday, April 22, 2002

A Short History Of Mid-East Resolutions

With thanks to The MidEast Web Gateway

Theodore Herzl's pamphlet "Der Judenstaat"(The Jewish State)is published in 1896 calling for establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine under Turkish or German rule.

The Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 calls for part of Palestine to be under British rule and for Syria and Lebanon to be given to France. Britain also offers to back Arab demands for postwar independence from the Ottomans. In 1916, Arabs revolt against the Ottomans in the belief that Britain will help establish Arab independence in the Middle East. The Arabs later claim that Palestine was included in the area promised to them, but the British deny this.

1917--Britain issues the Balfour Declaration . The declaration states Britain's support for the creation of a Jewish national home in Palestine, without violating the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities. The Arabs do not accept any proposals for institutions that include Jews so none are created.

During the 1920s Arab nationalists instigate riots against Jews in Palestine. The major instigators are Haj Amin El-Husseini, later Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and Arif -El Arif, a prominent Palestinian journalist. This leads to evacuation of the Jewish community of Hebron. About half the 5,000 residents of the Jewish quarter of the old city of Jerusalem are forced to flee as well. The violence leads to the formation of the Hagana Jewish self-defense organization.

The Peel and Woodhead commissions of 1937 and 1938 recommend partitioning Palestine into a small Jewish state and a large Arab one. The commission's recommendations also include voluntary transfer of Arabs and Jews to separate the populations. Arab leadership rejects the plan outright. In response to the resulting riots, the British begin limiting immigration and the 1939 White Paper decrees that 15,000 Jews will be allowed to enter Palestine each year for five years. Thereafter, immigration will be subject to Arab approval.

The immigration limitation has disastrous consequences for Jews in Europe during World War II. Six million Jews perish in The Holocaust. The Zionist underground groups, in particular the Irgun and Lehi ("Stern gang") dissident terrorist groups use force to try to drive the British out of Palestine by bombings and by the kidnapping and murder of British personnel.

The UN brings pressure to bear on the British to allow immigration. The Arabs bring pressure on the British to block it. The British declare Palestine to be ungovernable and give the Palestine mandate to the United Nations.

The United Nations Special Commission on Palestine recommends that Palestine be divided into an Arab state and a Jewish state. The commission calls for Jerusalem to be put under international control. The UN General Assembly adopts this plan on Nov. 29, 1947 as UN Partition Resolution (GA 181) . The Jews accept the UN decision, but the Arabs reject it. The Arab league, at the instigation of Haj Amin Al-Husseini,
declares a war to rid Palestine of the Jews.

On May 14, 1948, the Jews proclaim the independent State of Israel , and the British withdraw from Palestine. The next day, neighboring Arab nations attack Israel. Palestinian attempts to set up their own state are blocked by Egypt and Jordan. Israel defeats the Arab League and holds the 'west bank' of the Jordan.

UN Resolution 194 calls for cessation of hostilities and return of refugees who wish to live in peace. Hostilities cease but the refugee problem is not solved. Negotiations break down because Israel refuses to readmit all of the refugees.

In 1956, Egypt closes the Straits of Tiran and Suez Canal to Israeli shipping. After a series of Egyptian border raids, the Israelis, with British and French backing, invade the Sinai Peninsula and close the Suez canal. Israel subsequently withdraws under pressure from the UN and, in particular, the United States. Israel obtains guarantees from the UN that international waterways will remain open to Israeli shipping and a UN force was stationed in Sinai.

In 1967,Syria attempts to divert the waters of the Jordan for irrigation projects and Israel attempts to stop the diversion by force. In the spring of 1967, Egyptian President Gamal Nasser again closes the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping and dismisses the UN peace force from the Sinai Peninsula. Israel attacks the Egyptians on June 5, 1967. The Syrians and Jordanians begin shelling Israeli territory. Six days later, the UN again negotiates a cease-fire. Israel again captures the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Israel also now holds Egypt's Sinai Peninsula and Syria's Golan Heights.

UN Resolution 242 calls for negotiations of a permanent peace between the parties, and for Israeli withdrawal from lands occupied in 1967.

A revolt by the PLO against the Jordanian government leads to their expulsion from Jordan in 1970. PLO fighters stream into Lebanon and turn it into a base for attacks on Israel.

October 1973, Egypt and Syria launch a surprise attack against Israel. Syrians make inroads in the Golan and Egyptians cross the canal and capture a strip of the Sinai peninsula. Israel reconquers the Golan and advancs into Syria. In Sinai, Israeli forces cross the canal and cut off the entire Egyptian third army. The war is over within a month.

In 1978, Egypt and Israel sign the Camp David framework agreements, leading to a peace treaty in 1979. Israel withdraws from the Sinai Peninsula in 1982.
Israeli responds to PLO attacks from Lebanon with an invasion in 1982, resulting in expulsion of the PLO from Lebanon. Arafat and the PLO relocate to Tunis.

In 1994, Israel and Jordan sign a peace treaty.
In 1995, Israel and the PLO sign the Oslo Interim Agreement .

Negotiations for a final agreement break down in July, 2000. Palestinians insist that refugees should have the right to return to Israel, which would produce an Arab majority in Israel. Israel insists on annexing key portions of the disputed lands and on leaving most settlements intact, and offer only a limited form of Palestinian statehood.

Palestinian violence erupts on September 28, 2000, triggered by Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which is also the site of the Al-Aqsa mosque holy to Muslims.

It hasn't slowed down much since.

Al-Jazeera Should Take Some Hints From The London-Based MBC

The hint; if you stop giving hatred and violence a runaway forum and calling it journalism, people forget to hate. Here we get to see Lebanese Christians in designer suits alongside fully veiled contestants from Mecca, all in one place, competing and enjoying each other.

The Game Show Solution To Mid-East Problems

"jawaab nihaa'i?"

Surprisingly Good Articles From Both Sides Of The Debate

Ami Isseroff in Israel says that Israeli settlements are a dead end, democracy in palestine must be sought, the powers in other nations using palestine for their own ends must be marginalized (!) and the refugee situation must be solved.

Ahmad Humeid in Jordan discusses suicide bombings and how damaging they are to the national vision to achieve independence and live in a free, democratic Palestine. He also rightfully tries to correct people's expectations of a short-term solution.

Not surprisingly, both sides of the debate blame the US for not solving the problem. This is like blaming the spoon for making Rosie O'Donnell fat but at least they're not blaming each other.

If Arabs Talk About Killing Jews, Does The EU Hear A Sound?

Or is this freedom of expression for Sheik Abdul-Rahman al-Sudais? Instead we hear that this tirade was not 'endorsed' by the Saudi government ... as if that makes them sound like sensitive to Israeli feelings ... but "Saudi" Arabian TV and radio was kind enough to carry it live. Hint: TV and radio are controlled by the government.

Did anyone in Belgium notice that he prayed to the Muslim God to "terminate" the Jews, whom he called "the scum of humanity, the rats of the world, prophet killers, pigs and monkeys."

Any chance the EU will be bleating about boycotting arabian oil? I think not.

Geez, even Hitler was never as open about the anti-semitism and hate the way this guy is ... and no one seems to notice ...

Article Here

Aerial Photo of Jenin and the Egyptians On Palestinian Booby Traps

Not exactly the 'moonscape' we expected to see ... the area is only about 500X600 yards so it's not like there is rampant destruction and the AP is neglecting to photograph it ...

Jenin Photo

... elsewhere, this Egyptian journalist, talks with "an 'engineer' from Jenin refugee camp: one of the revered bomb-makers from the City of the Bombers." Why has no one noticed that these guys are responsible for as many palestinian deaths as Israel?

Egyptian Article

The UN Legislates While Muslims Starve

They've won their freedom, but what many Afghans want is a steady meal. The wait could be long. The United Nations World Food Program says its Afghan food cache is 60 percent short of the needed $285 million. Don't blame Washington, which is supplying nearly all of this year's donations. Look overseas, says Ken Bacon, president of Refugees International. He blames the "donor fatigue" of nations hit up for other Afghan programs. Nonetheless, the U.N. plans an urgent appeal for money.

It's funny, the UN never gets 'fatigued' telling the US what to do ... why isn't anyone clamoring for America to give less?

Iranians Hope To Get The Chinese To Settle Things In The Mid-East?

I don't know whether Jiang Zemin was flattered or laughed. The Chinese have their own problems with a little place called Taiwan ... which, unfortunately for the Chinese who want to re-annex it, is an economic powerhouse. They can't take the risk that the inherent corruption and waste in communist China would wreck Taiwan. How does this make them qualified to help in the mid-east?

Ohhhh, they're friends because of that 'Axis of Evil' comment by GW Bush. Hint: Becoming what people are afraid you already are does not make the world feel better.

The most telling comment: The Chinese ambassador to Iran, Sun Bi Gan, indicated China shares several of Iran's views on foreign policy. "China supports a multi-polar world, is critical of Israeli killings and believes peace in the Middle East will not be achieved without materialization of the rights of Palestinians, including withdrawal of Israeli troops from occupied territories," Sun told Iranian television on Friday.

Multi-polar means a return to the Cold War, this time with the Chinese against the US.

Article Here

Mid-East Peace Documents

Some people have asked to find a way through the hyperbole and get to the facts. Well, the agreement was never formalized because they could not agree on some terms regarding repatriation of displaced palestinian refugees and specifics of what land palestine would get, but the closest you can get to both sides is here ...

Israeli Camp David II Proposals
Palestinian Negotiating Team FAQ of Why They Turned Down Camp David II
The 1948 UN Resolution They Cite As Legal Right to Repatriation Into Israel
The Recent Saudi Peace Proposal
The Jordan-Egypt Proposal
The Misunderstood Oslo agreement

Wiesenthal Raps EU Endorsement of Terror

This is not a guy you want mad at you. The six EU countries, France, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Spain, and Portugal included in their resolution a 1982 affirmation ( which many didn't agree with then ) advocating 'armed struggle' -- read: terrorism -- and a condemnation of "mass killings" by the Israelis but no mention of palestinian suicide bombings.

Their defense when confronted about endorsing terrorism?

Wilfred Geens, Beligum's ambassador to Israel, said the vote "took place in a confused atmosphere." He also said their Geneva representative explained the vote "and said that beyond the wording and reference of the resolution, the message he wanted to get across was a call for the end of violence, for dialogue, and for peace - even though some formulations in the text were rather unfortunate."


What he means is that they agreed to it without reading it. And the EU wonders why everyone ignores them?

Article Here

Does This Mean The UN Agrees The US Should Invade Iraq?

How many human rights violations are too many? Who abstained from the vote?
The Iraqi delegate's rationale for why the resolution should not be passed? The 'economic siege' Iraq has been under since they invaded Kuwait.

Clearly using rape as a political tool, arbitrary executions, and involuntary disappearances are all offshoots of economic oppression ... In Iraq anyway.

Article Here

Larsen Now Says It Was Never A Massacre

Of course if you speak in those terms and use enough analogies, you get to claim you never said it ... much like the EU lock-stepping with their arab suppliers against the only democracy in the mid-east ...

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres clashed yesterday over whether UN Mideast envoy Terje Roed-Larsen should be declared persona non grata and expelled from the country.

"Larsen's relations with the IDF and the defense establishment have been strained since last year, when he denied the UN had a video of the kidnapping of soldiers from Har Dov - a video that later did emerge."

Baker said Larsen violated the UN Charter, which calls upon their diplomats to act in an objective manner. By showing himself to the international press and to the diplomatic corps, Baker said, Larsen went beyond the accepted behavior of an international diplomat.

Larsen rejected the criticism yesterday, saying it left him "puzzled." Larsen told The Jerusalem Post that when he characterized the situation in Jenin as "horrific beyond belief," he was referring to the humanitarian situation in the camp as he saw it during his visit, and stressed he never accused Israel of a "massacre."

Article Here

Jean-Marie Le Pen for President of France?

At least the anti-semitism would be out in the open then ... of course, his anti-homosexual stance won't be popular ... but his anti-Europe stance will be a hit among the EU, since France is the Europe everyone else is "anti" ...

I hope that this is the success of a 'protest' candidate rather than a serious choice among the French. Chirac has to run against someone, after all, and the French are comfortable choosing to ignore the overwhelming evidence of corruption by Chirac while mayor of Paris ... explaining their light stance on Mr. Clinton's legal and ethical violations while in office ... but they might be sending him a signal. I think every free society has its fringe elements and Le Pen is a little joke the French are having amongst themselves.

Article Here

The Greeks And Turks Are Going To Mediate Peace?

Geez, why don't we just get dogs and cats to settle things between the palestinians and Israel?? Israel and the Arab League have argued a lot less than Greeks and Turks in the last 25 years.

These two countries have Cyprus to fight over but somehow have something to offer the mid-east?

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