Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Won't Stop Suicide Bombings ... Or Can't?

The head of Palestinian Preventive Security, Jibril Rajoub, said he can no longer help the IDF ferret out suicide bombers. Had he been doing all along what he says he can no longer do, especially the one at a Passover Seder on March 27 in which 28 people died, the bulldozers and tanks likely wouldn't have been there in the first place.

The proclomation sounds a little reactionary, since Israel has already said they have no intention of dealing with Arafat any more. The question is: Does this mean there is no confidence that Arafat can control these people anyway?

Meanwhile, three Palestinians were dragged from their car and shot in the arms and legs this afternoon in the city's main square -- by other Palestinians. Their crime? Masked gunmen yelled to the crowd that the victims were collaborators with Israeli occupation forces. A mob formed and blocked ambulances.

So how is Jibril Rajoub publicly stating he will no longer help ( meaning he's saying he has ) kept him from being shot in the legs by fellow Palestinians? That is, if he was truly 'collaborating?'

Most telling distinction about the moral issues involved in the shooting on the streets: A 20-year-old woman who walked quickly past the crowd disapproved. "What will the world think when they see this?" she asked. It will be a safer place when people stop worrying about what the world thinks and start worrying about what they think about themselves.

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