Monday, April 22, 2002

If Arabs Talk About Killing Jews, Does The EU Hear A Sound?

Or is this freedom of expression for Sheik Abdul-Rahman al-Sudais? Instead we hear that this tirade was not 'endorsed' by the Saudi government ... as if that makes them sound like sensitive to Israeli feelings ... but "Saudi" Arabian TV and radio was kind enough to carry it live. Hint: TV and radio are controlled by the government.

Did anyone in Belgium notice that he prayed to the Muslim God to "terminate" the Jews, whom he called "the scum of humanity, the rats of the world, prophet killers, pigs and monkeys."

Any chance the EU will be bleating about boycotting arabian oil? I think not.

Geez, even Hitler was never as open about the anti-semitism and hate the way this guy is ... and no one seems to notice ...

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