Monday, April 22, 2002

Iranians Hope To Get The Chinese To Settle Things In The Mid-East?

I don't know whether Jiang Zemin was flattered or laughed. The Chinese have their own problems with a little place called Taiwan ... which, unfortunately for the Chinese who want to re-annex it, is an economic powerhouse. They can't take the risk that the inherent corruption and waste in communist China would wreck Taiwan. How does this make them qualified to help in the mid-east?

Ohhhh, they're friends because of that 'Axis of Evil' comment by GW Bush. Hint: Becoming what people are afraid you already are does not make the world feel better.

The most telling comment: The Chinese ambassador to Iran, Sun Bi Gan, indicated China shares several of Iran's views on foreign policy. "China supports a multi-polar world, is critical of Israeli killings and believes peace in the Middle East will not be achieved without materialization of the rights of Palestinians, including withdrawal of Israeli troops from occupied territories," Sun told Iranian television on Friday.

Multi-polar means a return to the Cold War, this time with the Chinese against the US.

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