Monday, April 22, 2002

Wiesenthal Raps EU Endorsement of Terror

This is not a guy you want mad at you. The six EU countries, France, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Spain, and Portugal included in their resolution a 1982 affirmation ( which many didn't agree with then ) advocating 'armed struggle' -- read: terrorism -- and a condemnation of "mass killings" by the Israelis but no mention of palestinian suicide bombings.

Their defense when confronted about endorsing terrorism?

Wilfred Geens, Beligum's ambassador to Israel, said the vote "took place in a confused atmosphere." He also said their Geneva representative explained the vote "and said that beyond the wording and reference of the resolution, the message he wanted to get across was a call for the end of violence, for dialogue, and for peace - even though some formulations in the text were rather unfortunate."


What he means is that they agreed to it without reading it. And the EU wonders why everyone ignores them?

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