Friday, September 29, 2006

Stone: Bush Has Set Us Back 10 Years

Oliver Stone blasted President Bush Thursday, saying he has "set America back 10 years."

I assume he means because of things in Iraq. But 10 years ago Clinton was President and Oliver Stone still had some chance of making a decent movie. Is he sure that's such a bad thing?

Nothing makes me giggle more than aging Hipsters who stop inhaling long enough to say really funny things.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Don't Want It Known You Have Sex With Animals? Go To Canada

Canadians can say almost anything about Americans - and I think they get some kind of tax rebate if they say insulting things about President Bush - but they'd better not make jokes about people in the mid-east.

The chairman of the publicly funded Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Guy Fournier, found himself in deep doo-doo when he talked about bowel movements and Lebanese law. Forget the bowel movements. I wrote a whole book on mine so there's nothing new he has to say, but his take on Lebanese law is interesting.

According to Guy, Lebanese laws allow men to have sexual relations with female animals, but reserves the death penalty for those who did so with male animals. Sounds reasonable, right? Muslims have sex with animals all the time but homosexuality is a no-no.

Why are Canadians up in arms about that? Because it was wrong for a public figure to say something so silly? Because it will enrage the many radical Muslims allowed into that country in order to feed its over-burdened Socialist economy?

No, because it was discrimination. Male and female sheep aren't treated differently and for him to allege they are was a big mistake.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

World's Dumbest Terrorists

Generally speaking, if you want to look like you are 'cooperating' in the war on terror, you have two basic options.

If you are Hezbollah, for example, you agree to a cease-fire with Israel and then immediately create a splinter group with a different name that continues to bomb Jews. This is not any surprise to people but it makes the U.N. feel like they accomplished something.

If you are a government it is a little trickier. Witness Syria, which has been running guns to anyone who will buy them. They are in a panic because Israelis actually insisted, and the UN agreed, that the pesky border with Syria should be patrolled as well - since that is how Hesbollah gets all of its rockets and bullets from Iran. That was unacceptable. To Syrians. Though they were fine with the border to Israel being closed. It's hard to run guns and bombs if you might have to shoot the French people on the UN Security Council who are protecting you from retaliation.

So it is no coincidence that a small band of terrorists that no one ever heard of before launched a ridiculous suicide attack against the US Embassy in Damascus ... the only other casualty besides the terrorists? We'll see, but I am betting it was a Syrian guard no one liked either.

The Syrian government has pledged full security cooperation. But I am betting in order to provide it they will need to have UN troops away from their borders.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Be A Good Muslim; Get Rid Of Your Cat

Or the Muttawa will come after you.

Why do such a thing? Because it will prevent the spread of western ideas, like not strapping bombs to your chest and blowing up people of other religions. Will it work? Probably not. For as much griping in Saudi Arabia as there is about 'western' ideas the audiences for western movies go around the block.

Didn't Mohammed LOVE cats? Sure he did.

“One bad habit spreading among our youths is the acquisition of dogs and showing them off in the streets and malls,” wrote Aleetha al-Jihani in a letter to al-Madina newspaper.

“There's no doubt that such a matter makes one shudder.”

“Then what's the point of dragging a dog behind you? This is blind emulation of the infidels."

Infidels? But you're a big happy religion of peace. When she says 'infidel' like that it sounds a little insulting.

Imagine if the Muttawa had something to do besides abusing women and arresting cat owners - you know, like stopping the terrorism Muslim countries say has nothing to do with Islam. It would be a pretty happy place to live, would it not? Well, no, Mecca can be called a lot of things but not happy. But at least Paris Hilton could visit. Then they would have a reason to complain.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Saddam Didn't Really Like al-Qaida

Democrat Senators decide Saddam viewed al-Qaida as a threat. Which means he couldn't possibly have accepted help, planning or strategies from him. I know, I know, a big revelation that someone chose to believe a dictator's statements rather than the evidence.

In other news, Saddam also stated that everyone loved him ( after all, he did get over 99% of the vote ) and that he never killed anyone. Oh, and he gave every child a balloon and a pony for their birthdays.

It gets a little old after a while. I can't count how many people have said to me, "But Saddam is secular so he couldn't possibly have allowed terrorists to be based in Iraq." And yet he did.

It's politics as usual but completely understandable. Democrat politicians smell blood in the water and they would like to avoid being called out as in favor of high gas prices if it comes from taxes but against high gas prices if it means high cost of oil. Likewise they would prefer to insist there was no reason to be in Iraq at all or that Bush lied and that they really aren't soft on national defense.

This report adds nothing we didn't already know but they might be hoping this rather soft accounting takes away from the upcoming miniseries which shows former President Clinton being too distracted by a sex scandal to deal with Bin Laden well before 9/11.

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