Saturday, August 31, 2002

EU Urges UN Solution To Iraq Crisis

Aren't we in our 11th year of the UN solution? The UN solution so far has been to keep asking nicely to be allowed to send in weapons inspectors. Iraq has declined. Hussein and company have done more than anything in a 50-year history to completely immasculate the UN so why do EU bureaucrats insist they can somehow resolve this thing now?

The European example is a bad one. The 20th Century was not good to them ... but I can't think of a century that was good for them in recorded history. Another European bureaucrat standing in Brussels giving a modern day 'peace for our time' speech is the last thing western democracies need. Hussein is clearly intent on protecting his future actions by stalling for time today while he builds a devastating offensive capability.

The EU cites support from the ICC for this position. Didn't they say all along that the ICC would not be a political body?
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