Saturday, August 31, 2002

John Lindh's Change of Heart

It's no surprise that he is confused and upset by the treatment he has gotten. His Marin County upbringing, including letting their teenage son run off to a foreign country to become a Muslim, never could have informed him that what he might be doing is plain wrong. There is no right or wrong in Marin County ... it's all moral relativism.

Now he has apologized -- through his attorney -- and I actually believe him. In the theoretical world there are no consequences so he never had to consider them. Suddenly he is a young man in a very bad place ... suspected of treason ... and I believe he is remorseful. Unfortunately he has to learn a lesson no one learns unless they are faced with real consequences.

Did he know he was shooting at Americans? Of course he did. He joined the Taliban, he knew what he was getting into. He knew who they were. The knowledge that American planes had been hijacked was no secret. The fact that Americans had gone into Afghanistan was certainly no secret. For that he must pay. Do I think he is blaming himself? No. Do I think he regrets his actions? Yes. I bet he now wishes he had real parents rather than a Marin County father who once ran off with a man and a mother who encouraged him to sneer at the West. Young people look for guidance. Sensible young people with a need for discipline join the US Army ... Marin County teens look for shock value and run to Islam.

Is it the only example? No, I am certain there are plenty more Western Taliban that have not been identified. Should Lindh be an example for them? Yes he should.

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