Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Israeli Arabs Warned Of Bus Attack By Suicide Bomber

Like any intelligent person they got off the bus. Unlike any moral person, they did not tell anyone else ...

Ilan Haroush, commander of Galilee area police, told Army Radio that "one of them sat beside the terrorist."

"He told her something terrible is going to happen in this bus, get off at the next stop. She got up, went to her friend and told her we are getting off now."

Haroush told the radio that if police had been warned 20 minutes ahead it might have been possible to prevent the blast or reduce its impact, especially since four of those killed had been at a bus stop waiting to board when the bus blew up.

"The women are now cooperating with the police. We call it failure to prevent a crime. They had no explanation for not doing anything," he said.

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