Monday, June 23, 2003

Arabians Give American Woman Permission To Leave -- But She Would Have To Leave Her Children Behind

What Arabian PR efforts leave out is that women have no rights, including the right to leave, under Arabian law. American Sara Saga, 24, spent the weekend at the consulate with her two children, aged three and five, after her husband refused to give her the permission required by Saudi law in order to leave.

Since the publicity this has generated grew into yet another Arabian public relations firestorm, the 'court' relented and said she could leave ... but her children have to remain behind. A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Kingdom would do everything necessary to protect the interests of the father and the two children as they are Saudi nationals.

The state department used to issue a warning to American women involved with Muslim men about this very thing, but CAIR insisted it was a racist document and the US government relented and removed it from their website a few years ago.

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