Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Al-Jazeera Director General Fired After Revelation He Worked For Saddam Hussein

That's right, Al-Jazeera. You remember them? Peter Jennings insisted on running their propoganda without edit. It turns out the big boss ... the guy with the top job ... Mohammed Jassem al-Ali ... who had held the top job at the controversial Doha-based Arab satellite television station since it launched in 1996 ... had also been working for Saddam Hussein's intelligence services.

Conspiracy? No, Iraqi state archives. Ali denies it, of course, but he was fired anyway. A strange reaction if there were no proof.

Let's add this up:

Al-Jazeera -- top guy working for Saddam.
NY Times -- concealing Hussein's crimes to 'protect' its sources and journalists
CNN -- concealing Hussein's crimes to 'protect' its sources and journalists.

And these guys make fun of Fox News? How can we trust any of those three, knowing they were feeding us lies the entire time?

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