Wednesday, April 30, 2003

First Sign of Civilization Returns To Iraq: Prostitutes No Longer Worry About Having Their Heads Chopped Off

You know how Canadians love their prostitutes ... I imagine if they had known about this under Saddam's regime they would have fallen over themselves to pick up guns and fight the guy.

Prostitution flourished in Iraq in the 1990s as U.N. sanctions, imposed after Saddam's troops invaded Kuwait in 1990, brought economic hardship, forcing many women to offer their bodies for cash. You remember the sanctions , right? Those things the French said we should end a few months ago because Hussein had no WMD and now say should not end because there's no proof he didn't have WMD? Yeah, those. Well, one year Saddam cracked down on them after some of them were seen wrapping themselves in the Iraqi flag and dancing on his picture, so he had his boys chop a bunch of their heads off. Prostitution went underground at that point. Even the government guys who liked them had trouble finding them. Now, since Saddam is gone, they are starting to feel like they might keep their heads, so they're back on the street.

There is more evidence sexual repression left the city with Saddam's fall -- business is brisk at the Atlas cinema that no longer shows censored films with even the kissing edited out. Look for "Baghdad Girls Gone Wild" in a video store near you soon.

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