Sunday, March 09, 2003

Mexico Worries About American Backlash

Mexico seems to forget it is not the world superpower and thus not a target for petty dictators trying to make names for themselves. Likewise Mexico seems to forget military alliances do not apply to decisions the UN agrees with ...

What Mexico does seem to think is true is 'Hollywood logic' ... they think, like actors, that you can use your position in the world to foist your views on people yet seem to think it is inappropriate for actions to have consequences. Actors believe they will be 'black-listed' ( the favorite device of the left is to bring up the most extreme example, like PETA comparing animals as food to the Holocaust or every left wing group comparing every Republican to Hitler ) for expressing their views. I hope so. No one has done a total Jane Fonda yet ... hopping onto enemy guns while they shoot at Americans ... and no one has quite done a Donald Sutherland yet ( "F.T.A" -- Fuck The Army, the film for which he is most remembered by me ) but plenty of them are doing that sort of casually divisive thing and then insisting that America is all about their right to run to foreign countries and insult Americans. Dixie Chicks, Ed Norton and all the rest want to suck up to their foreign audiences, not recognizing that we aren't aware they have no actual personalities or thoughts of their own ... but since Americans don't recognize that hypocrisy isn't actually hypocrisy if it's done on foreign soil, you can watch movie receipts and record sales dwindle.

Call it a blacklist if you want ... I call it the American people exercising the same rights the Dixie Chicks are trumpeting.

So how does Mexico come into that tirade? Like actors they want to turn their back on America ... on something that America has obviously decided is important, since we're walking away from all of Old Euope to do it ... but have no consequences. Who do Mexicans think are running American businesses? Anti-war protesters? Actors? Europeans? No, red-white-and-blue patriots who understand it could have been them in the Towers ... and it could be them at a baseball game or a football game or a mall if it happens again somewhere else. Red-white-and-blue-Americans who understand that squashing petty tyrants here and there makes other petty tyrants realize the price is too high for attacking America.

Qaddafi was convinced by Ronald Reagan to such a degree that even now he's willing to pay $3 billion to the families of the Lockerbie victims, and there isn't any proof he masterminded that one ... what convinced him was a few F-111 love missiles in 1986, after the German disco bombing.

Who was against American retaliation that time too? You guessed it ... Germany and France.

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