Monday, March 03, 2003

Human Shields Leave Iraq Citing Safety Concerns

See, these nugs made a couple of errors. First, they thought they would actually be protecting civilians and instead Iraq placed them near military targets. Second, they assumed since the only people they talk to are pro-Iraq that everyone is pro-Iraq ... they thought that there would be this mass surge of people doing the same thing as them. Thousands and thousands. Instead it's just a few few dumb Canadian nurses and a few students and a few Brits who were on the dole anyway.

So now they're starting to realize that the US doesn't care if a few dumb people get exploited by the misogynyst, racist, homophobic, mass-murdering dictator in Iraq. He's been killing people for decades so he certainly isn't going to be worried about a few Europeans if he's going to die anyway.

Hussein never had any intention of letting them 'protect' hospitals unless they had AA guns on the roof. Europeans and Canadians were just too dumb to know this without actually going there and seeing it for themselves.

Hussein wants hospitals blown up ... preferably with CNN cameras rolling. Heck, he might do it himself, being an evil dictator and all. Anything that would prevent that is going to be a no-no.

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