Thursday, February 20, 2003

New Europe Responds To Chirac

Excerpts from European newspapers below:

Czech Republic, Mlada Fronta Dnes: "If Chirac wants to revive the spirit of Leonid Brezhnev and renew the doctrine of limited sovereignty, which means fewer rights for some countries, it is his own affair."

Latvia, Neatkariga Rita Avize: "All right, Monsieur Chirac. Perhaps we are poor. Perhaps we were not raised properly. We do not know about fine wine and the various directions of avant-garde art. But we do not repay those who have helped us and who continue to help us with ingratitude."

Lithuania, Verslo Zinios: "It seems France, the nation with old pedagogical traditions, decided to continue educating the European juniors."

Slovakia, Sme: "Jacques Chirac's degrading message to the candidate countries can actually be taken as a compliment. The French President admitted defeat in his rage. Suddenly the 15 [EU members] succeeded in resolving within a couple of hours a matter on which they were not able to agree for months. It was the "new Europe" which forced "the old" to overcome itself."

Slovakia, Pravda: "Neither Slovakia, nor any other candidate country will enter the EU to keep silent but in order to make their voice be heard more... After enlargement, the EU will be different. Less French or German, less Chirac's. However, not worse for that."

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