Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Arab News On Wife Beating: It's Wrong If She's A Good Wife

"The root causes of violence against women have been well documented. Most people who commit violence are ignorant of Islamic teaching. Islam does not allow it save in extreme cases and then as a symbolic gesture.

Before a husband contemplates any physical action, he should ask himself why he should strike her and if it is the solution to the problem.

It is certainly against Islam to beat a good wife. An erring wife should be warned first and advised. If that does not work, then the husband could give her a light beating, the purpose of that being to embarrass rather than inflict pain."

I hope the thousands of female war protesters understand the kind of society they're defending ... in the society they insist other women should be forced into, they would be beaten on a daily basis for speaking their minds.

The article estimates that in 80% of the cases of wife beating, the offender and victim are poor. Since most of Muslim society lives in poverty forced on them by dictators, that is unlikely to change.

Article Here


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