Sunday, March 02, 2003

Iraq Destroys 4 out of 30,000 Missiles: French Claim The World Is Most Peaceful Since 1938

Yep, they did it. Hussein let inspectors watch as four missiles were destroyed by bulldozers thus wiping out his 25 years of genocide, terror, murder, intolerance and hatred in the eyes of the world.

The sprawling missile complex on which the destruction occurred passed underneath the notice of the inspectors ... much like the many other sprawling missile complexes in Iraq that apparently exist for no other reason than to create really short-range missiles. Since UN inspectors are unable to cross the border into Syria and Arabia they've been unable to locate the 29,996 missiles Hussein built.

If Un inspectors don't see 'em, they must not exist and certainly don't need to be destroyed. To be fair, Hussein listed those missiles in his UN declaration ... he just listed them under a different name and with a different firing radius than they actually have. An honest mistake. Any homocidal dictator could have made the same one.

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