Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Iraq Diplomat Has Hissy Fit Toward Kuwaiti, Calls Him A 'Monkey'

"Shut up you minion, you (U.S.) agent, you monkey. You are addressing Iraq," he said. "You are insolent. You are a traitor to the Islamic nation," Ibrahim spat out as Qatar's Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani tried to shut him up.

Whaaaaa...? You mean the Religion of Peace thinks that all Muslim nations must side against all non-Muslim nations if there is a conflict? How can that be? In the west this is not a fight about Christianity and every Middle-East Professor I can find insists it's the same way in the actual Middle East ... except they don't live there.

Iraq still harbors resentment against Kuwait for not agreeing to be their 19th province in 1990. I guess being a monkey for the US, who rescued them, is better than being a monkey for a homocidal dictator next door.

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