Thursday, May 22, 2003

UN Okays US-Led Administration of Iraq

The UN has become famous for voting to try and give itself legitimacy. In cases where it would be pointless to vote otherwise, they always go with the winner. This means never voting to censure evil dictatorships but agreeing in the Durban conference that Israel is seemingly the only country in the world where there is racism. This means turning a blind eye to North Korea and Cuba while insisting that the US was wrong for going into Iraq.

Until they figured out no one was going to listen to them ... and so the Security Council has voted unanimously ( Syria, a temporary member, did not show up for the vote) to say it was okay for the Iraqi people to use its oil for its own benefit.

Right ... you get it ... there was some confusion about this. When Hussein was in power, most of the UN said the sanctions should be ended. Yet when he was removed, a number of countries said the sanctions should remain. Which countries? The ones making billions in the 'oil for food' scam Hussein used to build palaces and acquire weapons. Why? They said that they still weren't sure there were no WMDs there.

Huh? Did they not insist there were no WMDs so the US had no reason to go in?

It boggles the imagination ... but I'm not in the UN so I have poor grasp of things I know nothing about.

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