Tuesday, June 17, 2003

BBC Thrilled By Useless Vote In Jordan

They're thrilled because the dictator, King Abdullah, is allowing elections for the first time since dissolving Parliament two years ago.

Why is it a useless vote? Because his hand-picked party members are guaranteed a majority in the new Parliament, something the BBC does not bother to point out, other than to obliquely mention that "but with only 30 candidates from the Islamic Action Front standing they will be unable to challenge the expected government majority." No kidding. And since the dictator won't even have to appoint a Prime Minister and can veto any decision Parliament makes, what exactly is the point? The BBC says "many Jordanians say the process is a start which should be encouraged." Why? If Parliament can just be dissolved again, why should it be encouraged? Who are these 'many Jordanians' the BBC talks with?

This is just one item that demonstrates how the BBC's favoritism and bias does more to harm western relations with the mid-east than it does good. By spinning these ridiculous news blurbs into positive social advancements they discourage western readers from dealing with people in the mid-east as they are, instead of who the BBC wants them to be.

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