Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Peace Loving Palestinians Bomb Bus

Many Israelis criticized Sharon for agreeing to dismantle some settlements. They know what the rest of the world does not. Appeasing terrorists makes the problem worse. The new Palestinian Prime Minister has no interest at all in standing up to Hamas. Hamas has no interest in peace that does not involve the elimination of Israel. You do the math.

Israel attacked terrorist Abdel Aziz Rantisi and was, in turn, labelled a terrorist by gas-guzzling Europeans. How can an attack on a mass-murdering terrorist be considered an act of terror, you ask? I'm not a European so I have poor grasp of linguistic flip-flops. I know the Israeli army did not send a civilian on to a Palestinian bus dressed in explosives. To me, that is a pretty clear distinction.

Estimates are that 13 are dead and 65 wounded, 15 seriously. Bush can be applauded for attempting to search for mid-east peace ... but having a time-based rather than a performance based 'road map' is more of the same problems that started with the ridiculous Oslo meeting that legitimized the most famous terrorist in the world -- Arafat.

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