Sunday, October 05, 2003

Israel Attacks Terrorist Outpost In Syria -- Arab World 'Alarmed'

They should be alarmed. Until two years ago, Europe refused to even acknowledge that people who committed terrorist attacks are terrorists. Since Europe and the UN were funding the dictators who were funding the terrorists, Israel was basically helpless to prevent the attacks. Now the US has made it official policy that it doesn't matter what Europe thinks so Israel is taking its war to where the terrorists live. No longer can they sneak across the border and launch attacks and then be protected by 'sovereign' nations that are endorsing the destruction of Israel. Israel has decided that they are going to attack wherever the terrorists are ... and it is common knowledge that Syria is the worst among the Arab nations.

Not a single Muslim expressed regret for the deaths of 19 Israelis killed in suicide bombings directed by Syrian-based Islamic Jihad...

The leader of Islamic Jihad, Ramadan Shallah, told Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV that the Israeli attack was "a grave development that exceeded all rules of the game." He also warned Israel that the suicide bombing "will not be the last resistance operation" committed by his group.

So Israel attacking back violates the 'rules of the game?' No, Israel is re-writing the rules ... the old rules say that terrorist dictators get to be off-limits while Israelis die. The new rules say that if the UN won't stand up to dictators, they don't bind democracies either. That rule existed before the UN ... it's called the Geneva Convention, and under Geneva what Israel did is absolutely correct.

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