Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Saudis Murder Maid Who Can't Understand Arabic -- And Get Two Years In Prison

This is a culture protesting because the world views them as savages. Meanwhile, an 18-year-old maid has died as a result of severe burns inflicted by her employers, Al-Madinah reported.

The woman of the house poured scalding water on the maid because she could not understand Arabic, the paper said, while the husband tied her up. Both husband and wife are teachers. When the maid’s condition worsened following the assault, the woman took the maid to her mother’s house with the intention of having her deported for failure to fulfill her contractual obligations.

The mother attempted to treat the maid with aspirin, but the girl, of Asian nationality, succumbed to her injuries soon after, the paper said.

A court sentenced the husband to four years and the wife to two years in jail. The wife’s mother will receive 80 lashes for conspiring to conceal the crime.

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