Sunday, July 13, 2003

Palestinians Attack Pollster Who Finds Most Palestinians Don't Want To Live In Israel

The latest buzzwords in the peace talks for the last four or five years has been 'right of return' not 'occupation.' See, in 1999 the Israelis had pretty much conceded on the occupation issue. There were some tricky details, since there are a lot of Jews living there, but for the most part the territory issue and the sovereignty issues has been worked out.

Arafat went off to talk with the Arab states and came back with a new twist -- 'right of return.' That's right, every Palestinian who had been forced out in 1948 ( or ever, for that matter ) and every one of their descendants must be allowed to return -- to Israel.

You can do the math here. No one knows exact number of displaced people ... it's not like Palestine was densely populated, even in 1948, but reliable estimates place the displaced Palestinians at around 250,000 people. Yet Arafat insists today that number is four million. So adding four million Arabs into Israel would effectively eliminate the Jews as a majority. They could accomplish with diplomacy what they never could with terrorism or war -- the annihilation of Israel.

As you might expect, Israel balked at that idea. So when Khalil Shikaki, the director of the Palestinian Centre for Policy and Survey Research, found a surprising poll result stating that most Palestinians didn't want to live in Israel anyway, he prepared to publish his findings. If true, the remaining diplomatic sticking point was gone ... or just something Arafat was told to demand.
What Khalil then got was not what he expected. Eggs, smashed computers and nine assaulted staff members later one of the attackers said, "This is a message for everyone not to tamper with our rights."

Apparently they do not understand what the term 'rights' means.

For his part, Dr. Khalil was upbeat. "These people," he said, "had no idea what the results were. They were sold disinformation."

Welcome to Palestine.

Just so you know, the poll results were:

10% wanted to live in Israel.
54% wanted to live in Palestine.
17% wanted to live in Jordan or Lebanon.
2% wanted to live anywhere else.
13% were waiting for Israel to disappear.
2% did not know.

Yes, the third most popular option was to wait until Israel was gone. Disinformation is a way of life there, it seems.

I suppose the 13% waiting for Israel to disappear could be counted among those who want to live 'in' Israel ... after the soil is wet with the blood of slain Jews, of course ... but Khalil was too honest to spin the numbers that way.

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