Thursday, September 18, 2003

Saudis Think About The Bomb

Even the most twisted evil misogynyst dictator thinks they're normal and they need protection from someone else. Worried about stability in the mid-east, they think a nuclear bomb would help them. As if the US didn't already have enough reason to get rid of them. I am sure the French are thrilled to have a chance to secretly sell them the technology, as usual, but the US won't be thrilled about them having it. Nor, I imagine, are other Arabs, much less Iranians, happy about the prospect of terrorism central in the mid-east, rife with corruption and intolerance, keeping nuclear destruction so close all you need is to be a family member or provide a big enough bribe and you can have it.

Arabia's other options for its protection ... a non-proliferation treaty for the region ( because evil terrorists never lie, we know they would honor that agreement ) or a defense agreement with a nuclear power. They have that now, they're under the US nuclear umbrella, but I think they realize their clock is ticking.

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