Monday, September 15, 2003

Other Arab Nations: Arafat Must Stay ... Which Really Means 'We Don't Want Him In Our Country'

Gen. Nasser Youssef, the nominee to be interior minister in the new Palestinian Authority cabinet led by Ahmed Qurei, said Arafat was "the most incompetent revolutionary leader in history."
Arafat responded by storming out and promising to have a really big rally, which he did. Arafat told the rally that the Palestinians will march towards Jerusalem until they achieve victory. The crowd responded by shouting, "We will sacrifice millions of martyrs on the road to Jerusalem."

The Norwegians love that kind of thing. They gave him a Peace Prize for it in 1994.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had earlier urged Israel not to opt for exile, saying the veteran leader was crucial for the Middle East peace process: "Nobody can tell what would happen in the Palestinian territories if Arafat is expelled. Terrorism, violence will erupt everywhere," he told a news conference.

As opposed to the idyllic peace that Arafat inspires now. Like his past expulsion, what they mean is that Arafat would have not many places to go. No one in the mid-east has ever wanted Palestinians throughout history. Gypsies get more respect. A militant and somewhat unbalanced Palestinian like Arafat is even worse. Arafat is the guy who tried to overthrow the King of Jordan ... after they let him live in Jordan to carry on terrorism against Israel. So that doesn't speak very well for Arafat.

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