Friday, September 12, 2003

Iran Must Prove It Has No Nukes Or Face More Scary UN Words

Yes indeed ... if Iran doesn't prove by October 31 ( why October 31st? Why not tomorrow? Why not six months ago, or a year ago and more when even Iranians admitted they had nukes?) then Tehran could be reported to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions.

Yes, reported to the Security Council for possible sanctions.

And they say the UN is not toothless. I bet the Iranians are scared by that one. No, they did what every mid-east demagogue does ... they walked and said they would have to reconsider their 'cooperation' with the UN. Let's see, you lied to the UN ... and they aren't even really looking and they found out about it ... so the response will be that you will stop cooperating? Will that lead to fewer nukes in the hands of rabid fundamentalist dictators?

Tehran insists its nuclear programmes are for generating electricity and says its equipment was "contaminated" with enriched uranium by a previous owner -- because they're picking up nuclear reactor equipment at the garage sale in Paris, it seems. Another reason to hate the French.

Iran apparently read the North Korean manifesto on dealing with the UN: "Tell them anything. They do not believe evil people would lie."

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