Tuesday, January 21, 2003

France Says It Will Block War Resolution

Does anyone care what France thinks? Would they be a permanent member of the Security Council if it were decided today? Probably not ... there are about 45 countries with more prestige out there ... same for Russia, really. Note that France is the same country that tried to water down the previous resolution, until they realized that the UK and America would go without them. France may want nothing done to protect their exclusive contracts but they certainly aren't going to allow the war without them getting a piece of the pie.

The presumption here is that the UN will get to decide if Iraq is attacked. Iraq did not consult the UN, for example, when it invaded Kuwait ... nor did it consult the UN when it went to war with Iran. The fact is Iraq will be attacked if the countries with the most to lose determine Hussein has acquired dangerous weapons that could be used against his enemies. France clearly has that fear, given the number of Muslim terrorists they have allowed in their country, and wants to stave it off by being passive in the face of evil.

Surprisingly, this demeanor will be a failure yet again for the French, which used to be morally strong. Their hesitance is understandable, given their recent history and the influx of Muslim radicals, but it does not give more weight to their opinions.

America and Britain's position does not suddenly become validated because the butchers of Tiananmen Square, a country that has become synonymous with military ineffectiveness, and Russians with a lot of money at stake suddenly were to agree with us.

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