Thursday, January 09, 2003

Israeli Supreme Court Lifts Ban on Arab Politicians

Part of what democracy is all about is letting people you don't like run for office. Granted, Israel is in a more tricky democracy than most countries ... mistakes do not cost most countries their existence. If these Arab politicans support Palestinian terrorism, it is for Israeli voters to determine their fate, not an increasingly beleagured bureaucracy.

With a minority of 1.2 million Arabs and a need to be a modern, tolerant society, Israel has to find a way to allow Muslim Israelis the same freedom, security and comfort Jews have.

Militarily, Israel has to be allowed more latitude but domestically curtailing the rights and freedoms of the 'wrong' citizens is a bad way to go. Jews have been on the other side of the 'wrong' citizen problem so I think most of them recognize this ... luckily, democracy works in Israel ... something many of the Arabs complaining inside Israel would not have if they were still Jordanian.

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