Monday, December 30, 2002

Iraq Says There's A Double Standard For North Korea

They're right ... and as usual, you will start to hear the same arguments from the American left wing as you do from racist, mysogynist dictators so get ready. The reason why there has to be a double standard? Because the politics of appeasement in N. Korea by Mr. Clinton specifically led to the problems there. Clinton understood that he could lie at will but found it unlikely that an evil dictator in N. Korea would.

It may be too late to do anything about N. Korea without sacrificing a lot of S. Korean lives. In addition, both China and Russia recognize that N. Korean eyes may always look toward the south ... especially when there's fertile land for a poor country in the northern territories. Thus they have some interest in keeping N. Korea quiet, and since China llacks any concern for the will of its people or the value of their lives, they may be inclined to handle the problem without American involvement.

Iraq should be attacked for this reason: Because American policy was a failure in Korea does not mean we should allow policy in Iraq to fail also.

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