Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Dutch Court Releases Suspected Terrorists

A Rotterdam court found French national Jerome Courtailler and Algerian Abdelghani Rabia not guilty of hatching a plot to attack the U.S. embassy in the heart of the French capital.

When their home was raided, police found videos featuring al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden along with fake passports, fake driving licenses and false credit cards.

Judge Stephaan van Klaveren said the prosecution did not have enough proof at the time to make the arrests and conduct the raids. But even if the evidence obtained had been valid, it was still insufficient to condemn the defendants, he said.

The defendants received the verdict silently. Ibrahim, wearing a blue Nike tracksuit, smiled when a reporter congratulated him, and Courtallier's lawyer, Ingeborg Saey, said: "He's surprised. He can go now and is very happy."

Of course he is surprised. He KNOWS he's a terrorist! He's surprised that the Dutch don't.

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