Thursday, December 12, 2002

Carter Offers To Mediate The Mid-East

Yes, President Carter ... the guy who got the Nobel Prize because the Swedes don't like Bush and want him to do what Carter did ... namely, kill the economy and let us look stupid everywhere from Moscow to Managua.

Somehow he seems qualified because the press has painted him as a great President ... yet the only thing they list as his accomplishment is peace between Israel and Egypt. It took billion dollar bribes to get Egypt to sign, it seems ... yet this is a country that had their heads handed to them over and over by the Israelis. American taxpayers have to cough up money for that every year? They should have been begging for peace. If we had let Israel keep 1/10th of the land they could have kept in any of those victories, Egypt would have signed a peace treaty for free.

So this is the guy who can bring peace in our time? How much will this cost us? Here's what he will do, since he does not realize he is dealing with Arabs. He will take Israel's last negotiated position and the last position the Arabs adopted after they saw the most Israel was willing to give ... and insist they split the difference. This is what it always comes down to ... he should work for the UN, since that's the solution they always have as well. Not splitting the difference between what they have now and what the Palestinians want, splitting the difference between the old agreement Israel accepted and what Arafat later demanded.

Mr. Carter should stick to building houses ... better yet, he could pretend to be allied to the hardliners in Iran ... that sure got their government overthrown last time.

For the record, no one actually asked him to get involved ... he simply offered that he was willing to become involved. He doesn't seem to realize just why and how he got his Nobel prize ... he thinks it's actually about him.

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