Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Iraq Complains Because The US Gets A Copy Of Their Weapons Declaration

For some reason they would have been perfectly content if only Norway had seen it. Instead, they're complaining that the US ( but apparently not as concerned that the other four members also got it ) got the dossier through "an unprecedented blackmail operation."

Whatever that means. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry then went on to warn that the US would use the document as a pretext for war. Why would we do that? Iraq is not lying now nor never has lied about their secret weapons manufacturing. Unless the Iraqis are concerned that we do have evidence that contradicts what their disclosure says.

Hmmmm ... an evil dictator in charge of a repressive regime wouldn't lie about such a thing.

Syria and Norway, two temporary members of the Security Council, had voted against giving out copies. They were considered, they said, because they didn't want the document getting out until it was filtered for information that might aid other countries seeking to make weapons.

So, Norway, you're worried that the US, China, France, Britain and Russia will need an Iraqi document to make weapons?

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