Thursday, December 05, 2002

Expatriate Iraqis Meet To Discuss Post-Saddam Iraq

A group of 32 expatriate Iraqis representing opposition political trends in their country, have been meeting in London to finalise a 79-page document which intends to shape the future of post-Saddam Hussain Iraq.

From the outset, the draft report makes certain assumptions for its ideas to become feasible, and these include:

* That the U.S. administration actually proceeds with its stated policy of democratic change in Iraq.

* Unseating of Saddam's regime does not take place at the cost of largescale civilian casualties which could introduce considerable volatility and unpredictability into the political situation.

* Actual approval of the report by a genuinely representative conference of the Iraqi opposition.

* U.S. government, as the partner of the Iraqi people in liberating the country, itself agrees to support the guiding framework of this report following its adoption by the opposition.

* The international community, including the U.S. government, through a treaty with a duly constituted Iraqi government, undertakes to guarantee the territorial integrity of the nation.

They make an assumption in their draft I can disagree with; namely that largescale civilians casualties will undermine US presence in the region. Clearly if there are large-scale civilian casualties it will be because Saddam Hussein is hiding soldiers behind children and anti-aircraft artillery among people's homes. It's unlikely the Iraqi people will feel that there is some other way to get rid of the guy.

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