Friday, December 13, 2002

Norwegians Protest Carter Nobel Prize

Let's establish something ... he got this award because the Norwegians wanted to send a message to Bush. They didn't give it to him for his work in 1979 or in the 23 years since.

Yet not all Norwegians agree. If you're an Iranian expatriate who left in 1979, you don't like Carter at all. You see, Carter knew that the Shah was losing it yet he remained attached to him. He knew about the human rights abuses and could have backed the moderate insurgents ... instead, he paved the way for the radical fringe to take control.

So there were only 40 people shouting "Shame on the Nobel Committee" and "Shame on Carter" as they demonstrated outside Norway's National Theater but they're a reminder that Carter can be remembered for many things, but success in the mid-east is not among them.

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