Friday, January 17, 2003

TIME Magazine Says The Arabians Are Pushing For A 'Coup'

The Arabians know this ... if Hussein and family are removed from power, some other evil Muslim dictator will take his place. That's good for the Arabian concept of 'stability' in the region. On the other hand, they also know that if the US removes Hussein from power, there will be elections and the spread of democracy will spill into Arabian borders, creating their concept of instability.

It also looks bad for Allah when the infidels are blatantly kicking the snot out of one of their own.

TIME says the Arabians are offering up amnesty if they go quietly. I think that's not a bad deal ... if, in return, the Arabians support elections. Clearly any election held among a people cowed into giving 100% of the vote to a dictator who employs officials with titles like 'Violator of Women' is going to be suspect ... but it's better than nothing and certainly better than a lot of civilians who will be killed because the evil dictator hides behind them.

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