Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Arab League Rallies Against Terror

They are calling them "Islamic Insurgency Groups" ... of course they're Islamic, they're only telling the west that so it looks like there's knee-jerk support for them ... but a good number of the groups that are listed as 'insurgency' groups are simply intellectual political organs interested in freedom for Arab states. They're not blowing up children or people of other religions like the groups Arabia openly funds.

The Algerians have a legitimate complaint ... their insurgency groups are interested in making the country more like Iran, Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. By seeking closer ties with the Arab League they perhaps don't know that other Arab League members are funding their enemies, or they're trying to call off the dogs with some diplomacy.

You realize you're dealing with Muslim dictators, right? They will call off the dogs when your government caves in and is replaced by someone a little less moderate.

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