Friday, January 17, 2003

Gulf War Anniversary -- Saddam Says It Was A US Failure

Why would he say something so stupid? Because we did not drive him out of power. This is the same argument the lefties who hate all things Republican ... even if they're good ... say when they claim this wouldn't be a mess if we had driven him out then. Of course, these same people had anti-war protests at the time so imagine their reaction if Bush 41 had gone beyond his stated intent of freeing Kuwait into overthrow of Hussein?

Is Hussein just stupid? No, he's putting on a show because he knows he is not in a democracy but we are ... and that he is giving ammunition to the left-wing idolizers of his policies of intolerance and hatred.

Because really ... if the US had failed in '91, I don't think a half million Iraqi soldiers would have been screaming like four-year-old schoolgirls and running at the sight of western tanks.

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