Monday, January 20, 2003

Arab Press Cheers Anti-War Protests

What they don't know is that many of the protesters aren't there because they care about war. The protests are funded by various communist groups, attended by people protesting, among other things, the President of Venezuela. What they have is a built-in sympathetic audience ... and the left-wing is famous for ideological quid pro quo. If you support my fringe cause I will support yours.

So the Arab League, while pretending to support the west against the tyrant in Iraq, uses the press it controls to cheer and encourage dissent in democratic nations -- dissent that is not allowed in Arab nations, it must be added.

What's most interesting is hearing the Iranian press, the Arabian press, and the others talking about 'international law.' As if an endorsement from the butchers of Tiananennman Square, or from the Islamic dictators who control Iran, or the intolerant family-ruled King of Arabia, would somehow validate America's position and make it legitimate.

If the press in the mid-east wants to be considered legitimate in their opinions, they could start by throwing off the control of the governments in which they reside. Until then they need to keep the moral hubris to themselves.

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