Sunday, September 08, 2002

Yemen Says Arabia Is To Blame For Israel Seizing The Moral High Ground

An official Yemeni newspaper criticized the Arabs Saturday for a recent Israeli government proclamation that all peace accords between Israel and the Palestinians were "dead."

The al-Thawra daily said the Arabs "take full responsibility after the Zionist cancellation of the peace agreements and declaring the death of the peace process."

The daily said in a front-page editorial that "if it were not for the neglect of the Arab position during the peace process, and what followed in the development of violence and Israeli genocide against our Palestinian people, Israel would not have dared to behave in this manner."

What they're saying is that Arabian 'inaction' is responsible for the stalemate. Not Palestinian bombings, not Arafat's three year refusal to accept anything less than 'right of full return' within Israel's borders ... rather, it's the fault of Arabia for not standing up to Israel.

I think the Syrians, Jordanians and Egyptians have all learned that lesson. Yemen is too far away to attack, or I bet they would. Yeah, right. Just like Arafat's wife said she wished she had a son so he could be a martyr ... until girls started blowing themselves up as 'martyrs' and suddenly it was okay for Frau Arafat to offer up her daughter ... then it got real quiet.

Yemen, safely buffered by other Arab countries, also called on Egypt and Jordan to abandon their peace agreements with Israel. How far a drive is it to Yemen from Iraq anyway? I figure, while we're over there ...

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