Thursday, September 05, 2002

Israelis Inquire About Arab Civilian Deaths

This is where the nasty stuff comes in. Terrorists and militants hate Israelis more than they love their kids ... we kmow that, it's always been that way. So they are going to be around their families in public and at home. It is still a very bad thing when a six-year old is killed.

To the credit of the Israelis, you can bet there are no Palestinian inquiries when Israeli children are killed, but part of being in a benevolent democracy is being better than intolerant dictators and their followers, not simply meeting the same standard they meet.

Issuing a proclamation like 'no firing at terrorist leaders if children under the age of ten are present' simply means that every terrorist will surround himself with younger and younger children. They use that weakness against their enemy and then use European and American lack of tolerance for children's deaths against them too.

Israelis need to make sure the Army is not getting sloppy after two years of this fighting. It's easy to de-humanize the enemy after so many atrocities occur but the price of democracy is policing your own.

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