Sunday, September 08, 2002

Arabians On Dealing With Their Housemaids

It seems everyone over there has them ... the problem is that everyone wants more of them than their neighbors so hiring standards go lower.

So what rights do employees have? Not many, it seems. Since they are not citizens are are often women they are doubly discriminated against in Arabia.

The recommendations? They should not come from societies or cultures which lack ethical values. This means no Muslims, I presume. People coming from backgrounds in which social disturbances and violence are common may tend to violence themselves -- this means no Palestinians or Pakistanis.

They go on to say it is also important that their salaries and other dues be paid on time. If punishment becomes necessary, it should be within the legal limits by canceling their contract and deporting them. Beating them or denying them their rights solves no problem and blackens the reputation of those who commit such injustices.

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