Friday, September 06, 2002

Arab States Warn That Attack On Iraq Will 'Open The Gates of Hell' In The Mid-East

Let's put this in context. If you're the leader of a mid-east dictatorship, where exactly would the gates of Hell be? Certainly not a place where repression, intolerance, racism, paranoia, mysogyny, torture and deceit run rampant, since that is already the case in every single one of those places.

'The gates of hell' for these guys is free people playing baseball, dancing in the streets and electing leaders. 'The gates of hell' are countries where the dictator can't siphon off all of the billions from oil revenue into his own pockets and into the weapons of terrorists. You bet they're worried about an attack on Iraq. Jubilant people are going to make repressed people jealous and make them want the same things.

If those are the gates of Hell, let me in.

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