Sunday, September 08, 2002

Al Qaeda Still Threatens Europe?

Terrorism is happening there. Somehow Europe is managing to ignore it. Why would they do such a thing when the US is taking a stand? Worse, why would they speak out against action to stop the nations organizing and funding terrorists?

Europe has been shrinking in population for years. The only way they've remained even close to old population levels is by allowing open immigration. That means Europe is overrun by disenfranchised Muslims who have no intention of becoming part of European culture. Make a point of actually stating that there are terrorist cells acting in your nation and you invite a rising from within ... what you're left with is the same problem Israel is now having. A disenfranchised angry hidden class of poor people that can easily be manipulated by foreign governments.

It is in Europe's best interest to go on pretending they don't have a problem while they insist that the US is fighting ghosts.

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