Sunday, September 08, 2002

Former UN Arms Inspector Warns Against Attacking Iraq

Scott Ritter, who hasn't been given top secret information by anyone, apparently just knows Iraq is not building weapons of mass destruction.

"The rhetoric of fear that is disseminated by my government, has not, to date, been backed by hard facts that substantiate any allegations that Iraq is today in possession of weapons of mass destruction or has links to terror groups responsible for September 11 attacks on the United States," Ritter said.

Because Bush has not shown it to him, it must not exist. This is the same guy who quit in a huff in 1998, claiming that the US was using arms inspectors as spies. He quit before he was fired, of course.

Ritter waffles on this issue in a way I would usually find comforting. In 1998 he said we weren't being hard enough on Iraq. Since then he had been critical of us. He is now in Baghdad on a visit he arranged hoping to help stop any U.S.-led war, defying the government to substantiate its claim that Baghdad was producing prohibited weapons and posed a threat to its neighbors.

This sounds to me like Ritter wants to be a player. Tossed out of Iraq when that country violated UN sanctions by ejecting arms inspectors, he was mad at Iraq. Subsequently frozen out by the US after he alleged the US was using them as spies, he is mad at us. Now he packs his bags and tries to go as an independent emissary. Someone give him a job so he can be happy again.

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